Most Common Blinds for Balcony, Outdoor Blinds Singapore

What are the most common blinds used for the balcony?

The most common type of blinds used for balconies is outdoor or exterior roller blinds. These blinds are designed to provide privacy and shade while also protecting against rain, and harsh sunlight.

Outdoor roller blinds are typically made of durable materials such as pvc fabric, or clear pvc which can withstand exposure to the elements. They can be mounted on the exterior of the balcony or terrace and can be operated either manually or with a motorized system.

Another popular option for balcony blinds is bamboo or pvc venetian blinds, which can add a natural and rustic feel to the balcony while also providing shade and privacy. These types of blinds are typically mounted on the interior of the balcony and can be adjusted to allow varying amounts of light and air to pass through.

Ultimately, the choice of balcony blinds will depend on personal preference, budget, and the specific needs of the balcony.


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