Outdoor Venetian Blinds

Providing refreshing shade, a touch of uniqueness, and keeping your area cool


To refine the style of your outdoor space and make it look more classic and elegant, Outdoor PVC Venetian BalconyBlinds provide the perfect stylish touch to your outdoor area. A high-design style alternative outdoor covering solution adds natural beauty to any outdoor space.

Outdoor Venetian BalconyBlinds are made of high-quality, long-lasting PVC that can withstand rain and strong winds. custom-made horizontal blinds with a variety of tones and sizes of slat selection, such as 50mm and 35mm.

Uniform tilting motion is achieved through a robust metallic tilt shaft that holds the slats in the required position. The rotating elements do not require any lubrication throughout their lifetime.

Available System: Manual pulley and  Automated


Product features

and specifications


PVC Slats



Choose from over 30 colours and textures to suit your unique taste and requirements.

PVC Material

Ladder Strings


Ladder String

Blind tapes hold the slats together and allow them to open and close by rotating the slats until they are overlapping.

Nylon Side Guide Cables



Outdoor installations include nylon side guide cables to keep the blinds in place where’s wind.

Durable and High Quality

Made from durable materials that can withstand the elements., resistant to UV rays, easy to clean, so you can keep them looking their best for years to come.


A stylish and functional way to add privacy and style to your outdoor spaces.




Completed projects



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At our company, we offer a comprehensive service that includes scheduling an appointment and installation of your outdoor blinds. We aim to make the process easy and convenient for our customers.

We are committed to delivering and ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with our products and services. Choose us for all your outdoor blind needs and experience the difference that high-quality products can make!


Value-Added Solutions

If you're looking for indoor solutions for light control and privacy, window film and indoor blinds are both good choices.


We offer a free on-site consultation with home improvement or design firms to help our customers make informed project decisions, discuss the project in detail, and provide advice and recommendations on achieving the desired outcome.

Top Quality and Service

A team of experts who have been professional and experienced in installing a particular product or service is usually involved in the installation process. In addition, our business provides installation assistance to customers to ensure correct installation.

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