Natural Bamboo BlindsBlack and White Bamboo BlindsSingle Colour Bamboo BlindsCustom Colour Bamboo BlindsOutdoor PVC Roller BlindsOutdoor PVC Venetian Blinds

Natural Bamboo Blinds

Simple and classic roller-up sunshade made from natural wood.

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Black and White Bamboo Blinds

Dual colour combination, black & white bamboo blinds colonial style

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Single Colour Bamboo Blinds

From natural to single-colored. You can choose from a variety of colors and have it made to your needs.

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Custom Colour Bamboo Blinds

Beautiful patterns, Elegant colours. These custom-painted colonial styles are ideal choices for residential and commercial spaces.

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Outdoor PVC Roller Blinds

Classy exterior roller screen brings a refreshing and relaxing ambiance that protects from sun glare.

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Outdoor PVC Venetian Blinds

With a modern and elegant feel, the natural wood fragment shades withstand the control of the lights.

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Canvass Material Privacy - Transparent Clear PVC Outdoor Blind

Outdoor PVC Canvas Blinds

PVC canvas blinds are the simplest and most economical outdoor covering you can find. It allows full light penetration or semi-light to come in while providing protection from nature’s elements.

There are alternative outdoor shades at low-cost and great prices. Their sunscreen canvas material has properties to reduce heat, provide privacy,  block harmful UV rays and they are moisture resistant.

PVC canvas blind is made from high grade PVC material which gives them strong scratch resistance, durability and waterproofing qualities. This heavy-duty transparent PVC blinds is easy to operate and comes in either manual pulley or self-locking system. 

They are an excellent choice for enclosing outdoor areas such as balconies, patios, verandas, restaurant / café / bistro as well as service yard.