Natural Bamboo ChickBlack and White Bamboo ChickSingle Colour Bamboo BlindsOutdoor PVC Roller BlindsOutdoor PVC Venetian Blinds

Natural Bamboo Chick

Simple and classic roller up sun shade made by a nature wood.

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Black and White Bamboo Chick

Dual colour combination, black & white bamboo blinds colonial style

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Single Colour Bamboo Blinds

Single colour, simple blinds

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Outdoor PVC Roller Blinds

Classy exterior roller screen brings a refreshing and relaxing ambiance that protect from sun glare

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Outdoor PVC Venetian Blinds

A modern and elegant, feel the natural wood fragment shades withstand to control the lights in.

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Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

Ziptrak Blinds

Ziptrak Outdoor Blinds

Ziptrak® is a patented outdoor track-guided blind system, invented in Australia. This ingenious track-guided system was invented in 2000 and is the number one brand of outdoor track-guided blinds in Australia.

Ziptrak® has been around for 20 years and has been number one because it has shown to be effective, reliable and durable. In the Singapore market, it is popular among household owners in high rise apartments. Thousands have installed it in their outdoor spaces so they can enjoy privacy, protection from rain & strong winds, sun glare & UV rays, retention of cool air and protection from smells & odors.


Ziptrak BlindsCountry of Origin: Australia

Available Systems:
– Manual SuperSpring
– Motorised (Somfy / Dooya)

Maximum Width (Without Centre Post): 6m PanoView®
Maximum Height: 3.4m
Maximum Static Wind Load: 260km/hr

Ziptrak® has pioneered and patented the SuperSpring manual system, which allows the user to move the fabric blind up and down easily and quickly, without the need for cords, cranks or even motors.

Ziptrak Blinds - Protects Against Sun, Rain, WindProtects Against: Sun, Rain, Wind, Insects, Dust, Unpleasant Smells, and Outside Onlookers

Installation Recommended For: Balcony, Service Yard, Corridor, Terrace, or Any Outdoor Area of Condominiums, HDBs, Landed Properties, Offices, Commercial and Government Buildings.


Ziptrak Blinds - Fabric

● 5% PolyWeave : For some privacy, glare reduction and sun protection.
● 1% PolyWeave / FiberWeave : For a good balance of privacy, external visibility and rain protection.
● RainOut® Frosted : For total rain protection, while allowing light to pass through.
● RainOut® Blackout : For total rain protection and complete block out of light.
● Clear / Tinted PVC : Maximum views and rain protection while bocking out UV Rays.

You can choose between clear, see-through, and block-out materials for our Ziptrak® systems. We offer them in a wide range of options, in different colours and degrees of visibility to complement your structure.

For your needs to help withstand scorching sun, lashing winds and fierce rain, only the strong and most durable, rust-free components should be used. Choose Ziptrak®


Ziptrak Blinds Service Yard for BTO HDB