Natural Bamboo BlindsBlack and White Bamboo BlindsSingle Colour Bamboo BlindsCustom Colour Bamboo BlindsOutdoor PVC Roller BlindsOutdoor PVC Venetian Blinds

Natural Bamboo Blinds

Simple and classic roller-up sunshade made from natural wood.

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Black and White Bamboo Blinds

Dual colour combination, black & white bamboo blinds colonial style

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Single Colour Bamboo Blinds

From natural to single-colored. You can choose from a variety of colors and have it made to your needs.

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Custom Colour Bamboo Blinds

Beautiful patterns, Elegant colours. These custom-painted colonial styles are ideal choices for residential and commercial spaces.

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Outdoor PVC Roller Blinds

Classy exterior roller screen brings a refreshing and relaxing ambiance that protects from sun glare.

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Outdoor PVC Venetian Blinds

With a modern and elegant feel, the natural wood fragment shades withstand the control of the lights.

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overview of outdoor balcony blinds singapore

  • BalconyBlinds is one of well known brand for outdoor furnishing. High quality & durable material ideal use for residential and commercial. These blinds are product of Window-Cool window treatment specialist.


features of outdoor balcony blinds singapore

  • Advance Waterproof Material
    Thermal and Light Protection
    Transparency Toward the Outside
    Comfort and Easy Maintenance

Outdoor Balcony Blinds Singapore

  • Residential & Business Properties
    Apartment, Condominium, Landed, HDB,
    Restaurants, Shops, Offices
    Suitable for
    Balconies, Verandas, Patios, Yard, Terraces, Porch and Deck


Here are some of the installation we had done for your neighbors. If you have not done up yours and would like to find out more about our products & services. Check out our some outdoor blinds we have installed recently.

Outdoor Roller Blinds

Property Type : Condominium
Location : The Glades @ Bedok Rise, Singapore
Type : Outdoor Roller Blinds (Balcony)

Outdoor 50mm PVC Venetian Blinds

Property Type : Terrace House
Location : Leith Park, Singapore
Type : Outdoor 50mm PVC Venetian Blinds (Balcony)

Discover The New Generation of Outdoor Shades Treatment

Introducing BalconyBlinds, your Outdoor Sunshade Solution

Explore the new outdoor shades covering perfectly designed for residential and commercial open area. BalconyBlinds provides complete outdoor screen solution to decrease the amount of sunshine entering in balconies, yard, rooftop terraces and other open areas. It has a various range of outdoor shade type that provide a modern stylish and comfortable outdoor structure.

  • PVC Roller Blinds

    Outdoor Roller BalconyBlindsOutdoor PVC Roller BalconyBlinds, One of the most popular, practical and simple outdoor shades that provide perfectly solution for daytime and night time privacy. These blinds offer a variety of fine color PVC perforated material that give an excellent sun protection and can withstand from the rain. Easy to use.  READ MORE…

  • PVC Venetian Blinds

    Outdoor Wooden BalconyBlindsTo desire more modern and stylish for outdoor spaces, Outdoor PVC Venetian BalconyBlinds is the alternative choice. With a various colors and sizes of wooden slat. Simply decorate your outdoor space with  our wooden balconyblinds, it brings good aura and new style at your premises.  READ MORE…

  • Bamboo Blinds

    Outdoor Bamboo BalconyBlindsOutdoor Bamboo BalconyBlinds is another type of outdoor blind product of Window-Cool™ made from natural bamboo. It has a various style that you can choose from natural shades, combination of black & white colour or any other color design. A custom-made blinds recommended and applicable for residential and commercial open area.  READ MORE…